MRC Runner Spotlight: Zohra B.

New to Maui’s running scene?  First time at one of our group runs and not sure where to go or what to do?  Then you see the friendly face in the crowd smiling at and greeting you.  Nine times out of ten, that’s Zohra, this month’s MRC Runner Spotlight.  With an infectious laugh and welcoming spirit, Zohra is a group run regular and we couldn’t be happier to have her.   But don’t let her laid-back vibes fool you, this is one dedicated and inspiring runner.  Mahalo, Zohra, for sharing a bit about yourself with us and the rest of the MRC running ohana!

Why do you run? What’s your motivation to run?
I’d say I’m motivated by having other people to run with. Josh (my husband) found the Wednesday night Valley Isle Road Runners (VIRR) running group back in 2014 while we were Maui visitors. We started running with the group and it became something we looked forward during our vacations. When we moved to Maui in 2016, we intentionally booked our flight to arrive on Wednesday just so we could make group run.
When did you start running? How long have you been running?
started running in middle school but stopped after my freshman year in high school, I’d like to say I had an excuse, but I was lazy and didn’t have any willpower. I started running again in 2007 with my friend Michelle. We did 5ks and 10ks because there was an event almost every weekend in Seattle during the summer months and we loved having an excuse to eat afterwards.
What’s your biggest running challenge?
It’s all around my pace. I always start out way too fast and fizzle towards the end of my runs/races.
What’s been your biggest running accomplishment (so far!)?
Maintaining my running streak. I’m now at day 438 (as of the early morning of June 1st)!  My original goal was to run at least 2 miles a day for 100 days, but then I just kept going. In March 2018 Josh and I vacationed in Europe with our friends Michael and Laura. They joined us for runs almost every day and we did (slow) self-guided running tours through some amazing historic cities.
Zohra and Josh exploring Europe by their own two feet!
Goal for the coming year?
I’m chasing the sub 2-hour half marathon, I’ve been close in the past and I know 2018 is my year! I also want to improve my flexibility and recovery time by actually stretching— what a concept!

Type of Run: Group runs – I love chatting with people before, during and after the run. Also I find that I push myself a bit harder when I’m with a group. Nothing like healthy peer pressure!
Place to Run: Kihei in the morning around sunrise. The streets are quiet and there aren’t very many people out.
Race I’ve Run: The Winter Pineapple Classic in Washington – it’s a 5k with obstacle courses and you carry a pineapple while doing the run. After the race they would serve plate lunch and Georgetown brewing beer for donations! It’s a great race for a great cause, benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Zohra and Michelle enjoy one of their favorite races in Seattle together.
Piece of running gear:
For long runs I love my Osprey hydration pack.
Thing to do when I’m not running: Being social! Spending time with Josh and our puppy Grace. We also love to hang out with our friends, most of which we met through running!