MRC Runner Spotlight: Sage S.

If you been to any local races the last couple of years, you’re sure to have seen Sage at the front of the pack, and often, the first to cross the finish line.  You may be surprised to learn that as little as five years ago, running or any consistent form of exercise, was the last thing on his mind.  Read on to learn more about why he returned to running and what keeps him motivated to take on new challenges today.  Mahalo for sharing your time, energy, sarcastic comments, laughter and Pepperidge Farms snacks with us, Sage!

Why do you run?

I like how I’m able to get out of my own head when I’m running. It’s like a form of meditation where your able to think about things in your life without dwelling on them. I like the way I feel afterwards and it helps me sleep.

What’s your motivation to run?

My family. I got back into running because it was a good way for me to get in some exercise and not have to give up time with my kids.

The Sarchets- Adam, Makena, Sage, Blake and Jill.

When did you start running? How long have you been running?

We had organized cross country in middle school so I ran from then through high school and ran in college on track and cross country scholarships. After that I stopped running and didn’t exercise much. In fact about the only thing I did consistently during those years was smoke cigarettes! I didn’t start any regular exercise until my kids were born and didn’t start running again until about 5 years ago. So, my first chapter in running lasted about 12 years, then I took 18 years off and now I’m back for as long as my body allows.

What’s your biggest running challenge?

Staying healthy.

What’s been your biggest running accomplishment (so far!)?

I was the Colorado state champion for the 3200 meters and the conference champion in cross country in college, but having my wife and kids at the finish line of any of these local races seems way more special.


Goal for the coming year?
I’d like to run a sub 5 minute mile, a sub 17 minute 5k and race the full distance of the marathon without cramping up like last year.

Part of Sage’s 2017 Hana Relay Team- yes he ran all his relay legs dressed in jeans, long sleeve shirt and wig!


A few of my favorite things…

Type of run: Track intervals
Place to run: Iao Valley
Race I’ve run: Hana Relay
Piece of running gear: Nike Vaporflys!!!
Thing to do when I’m not running: Hang out at the beach with my family