MRC Runner Spotlight: Marny H.


While some of us starting running soon after we could walk, others began a little later in life.  Marny is one of those and has kept her love of running going strong ever since.  She shares a little about the  friendships and adventures that running has brought into her life with us below- mahalo, Marny!


When did you start running?
In my early thirties I would meet my coworkers at the track after work for a 30 to 45 minute run.   One of my coworkers convinced me to do a 10K race even though up until then my longest run was 4 miles. My first race was the Hard Rock Café 10K in Lahaina.  There was a 70 year old lady who kept gaining on me.  I barely finished before her. This inspired me to run longer distances and try running a little faster.

What’s your biggest running accomplishment?

No big accomplishment, but one memorable run was in September 2016.  My friends and I decided to run up to Iao after work.  It started to rain, but we decided to keep going. The rain turned into a storm. Lynette and Mary cut their run short and ran back to their cars.  Sarah wanted to continue and I agreed.  On the way back, the road flooded and we could hear roaring water coming down from the mountains on our right.  We were running in ankle high water on the Iao Valley road.  Lynette came by with her car to pick us up but Sarah would not hear of it. So I stayed with her and we ran in the river that once was the road to Iao, with thunder and heavy pouring rain. It’s a miracle that we weren’t swept off the road.  Next day we heard about the damage at Iao from the storm and thought about how dumb it was to keep running in that flood.  And then there was the time we did the Run to the Sun, the year there was 50 mph wind, rain, and 40 degree temperatures.  I still don’t know how we survived that one.

Photographic proof they survived the infamous Iao Rain Run

My goal for this year

Run in good weather.

A few of my favorite things…

Type of run:
Any long distance
Place to run: Kihei, Makena, Haleakala Crater, though I usually run at Keopuolani Park in Kula and Kihei
Race I’ve run: Kahakuloa Half for the first (and last) time
Piece of running gear: Garmin watch
Thing to do when I’m not running: Spending time with my husband Jim, my daughters when they’re around, hiking, biking, and doing house projects.