MRC Runner Spotlight: The Domingos

Each month, Maui Running Company will highlight our group run regulars, friends and supporters from near and far.


To kick off this new feature, we’re going to start with two of our Sunday group run regulars.  Lester and Annabelle have been a part of the Maui Running Company ohana back when our group runs were word of mouth.  I feel so lucky to have their energy, support and continued participation.  For some couples, running is a passion for one or the other.  I love to see how running has become something that that now both share with each other, with their two young children and others.  Without further adieu, our March MRC Runner Spotlights are Annabelle and Lester Domingo.


MRC: Why do you run? What’s your motivation to run?

AD: Running helps me thrive! It helps clear my mind and is a stress reliever. Running also has a great feeling of accomplishment after I’m done; it makes me feel better both physically and mentally.  My motivation to run is my husband, Lester.

LD: Running keeps me healthy and is also my way of relieving stress.  When I run, I’m in my happy place. I always feel more energized after running compared to when I don’t run. It also allows me to eat more than my usual sometimes. Haha!  My overall health, race performance, and training with others motivates me to run.  Thinking of those usually gets me out the door.

MRC: When did you start running? How long have you been running?
AD: I first started running/jogging around 2008-2009 mainly to lose weight. In 2010, the Domingo Family decided to create a team for the Hana Relay.  From there we’ve been signing up for 5k and increasing the miles to half-marathons and marathons.

LD: I started running in 2010.  I only started running because my cousin Erick convinced us to make a family team for Hana Relay. I’ve never ran continuously for over 5 minutes prior to that, so I knew I had to do some kind of training for it. The more I ran, I realized that it was something I really enjoyed. I never really got serious into it until 2012 and I’ve been keeping up with it ever since.

MRC: How did you two meet?  Has running always been something you both enjoyed or did one encourage the other more to run?
AD: Lester and I met in High school and started dating in 2001. We were never into running together until Lester’s cousin, Erick, encouraged us to start running 5k races.  Our runs and/or training runs have been more of our time together as well as catching up with friends.

LD: Annabelle actually started running before I did. I didn’t like running. I was like “Who does that?” Little did I know that I was missing out.  Now, running is something we both enjoy and it’s been a part of our lifestyle.  We train together, so we push each other to be better runners all the time.

Post race smiles and shakas after the Rock and Roll San Diego marathon and half marathon in 2017.

MRC: Can you share a little about the #domingofamilyruns hashtag?  Also, what’s the story behind the “WE RUN” license plate?
LD: Some of our family members got bit by the “Run Bug” and also started running, from kids to adults. The #domingofamilyruns hashtag is a way for us to share our pictures when we join running events or any pics that has to do with running.

AD: Lester technically wanted “I RUN” on our 4Runner license plate, but since it wasn’t available he decided to use “WE RUN” which was a match for us and our family.

MRC: What’s your biggest running challenge?
AD: My biggest challenge is the sun! I don’t like running in the hot blazing sun, it sucks up my energy really fast.

LD: My biggest running challenge has been the marathon distance. Although I’ve done a handful of them, I haven’t quite figured out how to execute a perfect race. The last 10K always seems to be a struggle for me.  The good thing is I’m always learning from my experience.  Hopefully one day it will all come together…

MRC: What’s been your biggest running accomplishment (so far!)?
AD: My biggest running accomplishment is completing a marathon. I only like training and running for half-marathons but have accomplished 2 full marathons in 2015 and 2016. My goal for 2018 is to finish a 1/2 marathon feeling good under 2 hours. Last year, was very challenging and hoping to train better for it. Also, completing another full marathon beating my personal record.

LD: Recording a new PR from at the 2017 Chicago Marathon would have to be my biggest running accomplishment so far.  My goal for this year is to stay injury free and hopefully chip away to my ultimate goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

MRC: How do you like to spend your free time when you aren’t running?
AD: Spending time with my family – eating out, going to the park, anything that makes the kids happy and working out in our garage.

LD: When I’m not running, I like to spend time with my family. Need to make up the time I missed when I’m out running. I also like to tinker with my car in my free time. Before I found running, my main hobby used to be cars and drag racing.

MRC: Anything else you’d like to share with the MRC community?
LD: One quote that I can never forget from the late Wild Bill Conner: “You don’t stop running because you get old…You get old because you stop running.”

Mahalo Lester and Annabelle!