Hauoli La Hanau! Happy Birthday, MRC

It’s hard to put into words everything that has happened in the first year of Maui Running Company, but just like going on a run, take the first step and see what happens.

Sunday group runs are the staples and back bone of why MRC was formed and continues. Without all of the locals and visitors, regulars and newbies each week, I wouldn’t put in all the time and energy to plan them. Because you show up, I show up.  You’re encouragement pushes me to better my best.  Each week I strive to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for people to run, challenge themselves and grow, not only as runners, but hopefully happier healthier humans as well.

Then you said that you wanted to have others recognize that you’re from Maui at local, mainland and international races and while traveling. So, I worked to find the best source for high-quality athletic apparel, that would ship to Hawaii, without breaking the bank.  And while it’s been a large financial investment, it’s been worth it.  I still remember the joy I felt opening my first shipment of MRC hats, then tanks and shirts. And the “pinch me” feeling I get when I see Maui Running Company represented on and off island.

So what does the year ahead hold? That’s a great question! I would love to see collaborations with more local businesses to offer social events, workshops and trainings. I am open to anything that further supports and fosters the running and endurance sport community here on Maui. But that doesn’t always mean growth. Sometimes you need to take a step back and reflect, to make the most impact long term.  I want to find that balance, the harmony of the two in the year ahead.  What do you want for and from MRC?

Mahalo nui loa- thank you from the deepest corners of my heart for helping make Maui Running Company’s first year more than I could have ever imagined!