Maui Running Company in a (coco)nutshell…

Maui Running Company is founded and grounded in the belief that we are stronger together. That friendships through sport teach us about dedication, perseverance and that we are capable of so much more than we think we are. Running is a powerful tool that brings together people from many different backgrounds, goals and motivations.

Maui Running Company aims to support and foster the running community, spread the aloha spirit and encourage healthy, active lifestyles for both locals and visitors alike.  Through apparel sales, community events such as group runs, volunteer opportunities, educational workshops and local collaborative partnerships, Maui Running Company will help unify the island’s runners.

Maui Running Company is dedicated to the local community. To show our commitment to run with aloha, a percentage of all sales will flow back to local non-profit running, health, fitness-focused and environmental protection groups. See our Giving Back page for more information and how to apply to be a partner organization.

If you build it, they will come…

Aloha- my name is Malia Crouse, founder of Maui Running Company.  As a Maui girl, born and raised, I was fortunate enough to come from a family who loved and valued the outdoors, hard work and a good sweat.  My mom was my first soccer coach at age five.  My dad was my first running coach in middle school cross-country.  Balls, bikes and Band-Aids; surf boards, swimsuits and sunscreen were all commonplace items in my childhood.  I would not have wanted it any other way.  In every sport offered to me as a kid growing up in Hawaii, I found the aspect of the game that I enjoyed most was endurance.  While I dreaded the pressure of being fouled in a basketball game and having to be on the free-throw line, I could move up and down that court all game.  Simply put, I realized I loved to run.  After graduating high school, I moved to the “mainland” and took my love of the outdoors with me.  The trails and fields of Oregon became my playground.  Soon I began riding bikes, swimming in lakes and put it all together in the sport of triathlon in Colorado.  After spending almost 15 years away, and a few years suppressing the urges, I finally let my heart lead me back to Maui in the fall of 2016.  I immediately began searching for a way to connect with other runners on the island.  We started as a handful of “friends of friends” getting together to run on Sunday mornings.  This quickly grew and fueled a fire to expand the reach and benefits of a running ohana on the island — a sense of family, a support network for each others’ goals and aspirations.

The birth of Maui Running Company…

Fast forward to sleepless nights filled with excitement about the possibilities… Could a running company help build the running community?  What could I create to support locals and visitors? What challenges would we face?  Ideas began to form, conversations occurred, pieces began to fall into place and in May of 2017, I launched Maui Running Company.  Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of systematic chaos: periods of doubt and uncertainty, a couple of “forehead slapping” moments and SO. MUCH. LEARNING.  It’s been an incredible and humbling journey with new twists and turns every day.   Without any formal background in business paired with the personality of “playing it safe,” starting a small business while holding down a full-time job is the last thing I would have envisioned for myself. But it’s the “what if’s?” that keep this dream alive, and allow the energy, excitement, and support to grow each day.   I see my dream — our dream — becoming more real each day.

Mahalo, thank you, for coming down this road with me as a part of this adventure. Whether slipping on a tee to head out for a run, slapping on a hat while tackling your to-do list, or sporting one of our tanks while putting your feet up recovering from a workout, my hope is that you feel the same sense of community and comfort from Maui Running Company that I do.  If you live on Maui or plan to visit soon, check out the Community page for updates and upcoming events.  You can find the virtual community wherever your running takes you.

Please connect with Maui Running Company online by following and liking us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mahalo for helping to spread the aloha spirit, one mile at a time!

-Malia and the MRC Ohana